Wednesday, June 27, 2012


Day 10

Up early this morning for a ride to Avon, MT.  Avon is a little place of about 150 people, and I didn't think that we would have access to the Internet or cell service.   Everything seems to be working out just fine, as we are camped at EchoValley campground and they have a good wifi setup, and my ATT connection seems to be ok.

This was another beautiful ride this morning.  We had a bit of a tailwind, and some of us sailed along at 20-22 mph as we went up Hwy 200 for about 60 miles, and then took Hwy 141 to Avon.  

Passed the Bob Marshall wilderness, rode along a beautiful little creek, a reservoir where the wind was making small waves, saw a dog taking a bath in a creek, encountered a little bit of headwind, and got to Avon in pretty good time.

I rode with Sarah, Liz, Jeffrey, Rob, Steve and Doron for the whole trip, and Sarah and I came into Avon together and decided to stop at the Avon Cafe.   Ordered a cheeseburger and ice tea, and it was delicious.    

Doron checking out the Bob Marshall Wilderness sign

Sarah, Liz and Jeffrey 

Just a neat little farm with a creek running by it.  The dog was playing in the stream as we came by. 

Big Ride Checkpoint in Montana beauty !

Sarah had a great ride today.  Avon Cafe was delicious after 95 miles !
I think tonight it's spaghetti and an assortment of pies from the Avon Cafe that they are bringing to the campground here.   Then it's an early bed and tomorrow we ride through Helena, on our way to Townsend.   Helena should be cool, it's the capitol of Montana.  I believe they have some fires in the Helena area, so hopefully they will get those under control.  

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