Thursday, March 10, 2016

Fence Sitting

Decisions, decisions.

Missed the lottery for Leadville. And Stagecoach was scheduled for the same weekend as 24HOP but then it got moved into March and then I thought I would end up with too much on my plate to try to do it and the AZ Trail.

Yeah, pretty sure I am in for the AZ Trail. Have been hauling 40 lbs of bricks up Tumamoc Hill and doing a bit of riding. Some days I feel pretty good about it and then I go out and do the Ripsey segment and come home and look at my time and realize I am like one of the slooooowest people to ever ride that piece and begin to really doubt myself.

Whatever, I plan to get down to Parker Canyon Lake early on March 19 and see how long it takes for me to get to Patagonia, and then I will have ridden most of the 300 mile course, except for Oracle Ridge, a piece near Bloodsucker Wash and the 40 miles from the Gila to Hwy 60.

750 or 300 ??  Would love to do the 750, that's what the hauling bricks nonsense is all about. Right now I plan to start at the Border and do the 12 miles or whatever of dirt road to get to PCL, do the 300 and see if I am still alive :-)  I may set a new record for slowness on the Arizona Trail !

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