Thursday, February 9, 2012

First Entry Feb 9

Well, here we go.   A couple of days ago, I committed myself to doing the Big Ride 2012 across the US from Seattle to Washington, and got my donation webpage setup at:

Now, you might ask why I would want to do this, and I guess I will say "it's complicated".   During the last couple of years, I have ridden and coached, with Team-in-Training doing various events to raise money for research into blood cancers and will do so in the future.   It's been fun to ride with lots of  great people and to know that you have helped to fight some very bad cancers.  

But when it comes to breathing, things connect a little closer to home, in that my wonderful wife of 39 years, Susan, needs to use an oxygen machine every night just to keep the O2 levels in her blood at something that she can get through the day with.    Also, some 30 years ago, I was a 2 pack-a-day smoker.  It was hard to quit, and I probably did so only at the urging of my 7 year old son.   ( I am continually surprised at how many young people take up smoking thinking that it's "hip" or "cool", the same thing that made me start smoking when I was 16. )

So, knowing that ALA helps with tobacco cessation, with fighting to support the Clean Air Act, with finding cures for lung diseases, it looks like a perfect fit.

I will get to fundraise for a wonderful cause with ALA, to , and I also get to go out and do something that I have thought about for a couple of years, to see my country from a unique and privileged perspective.... a bicycle seat !

I have read through lots of blogs of other riders in past years and think I can do this.   I looked at some of my Garmin data from the last couple of years and realized that I did about 5500 miles last year and about the same the previous year, so I know I can ride some miles...... BUT the Big Ride means that I have to do a big chunk of what I did in a year in a matter of 7 weeks.

Some Ocotillo with the Catalina's in the background 

Rincon Mountains along Cactus Forest Loop
Work is particularly quite today,  and it's 75 degrees here in Tucson and just a perfect day for a bike ride, so here's my first ride entry.  Just a little loop around the Cactus Forest Loop in Saguaro National Park East.  

I took my time this afternoon and ambled along.  We have a session at Carmichael Training tonight doing climbing repeats.   We'll do 110% of our Steady State wattage for 8 minutes, then 3 minutes off and then repeat 3 more times.   The last 3 minutes of those 8 minutes at 110% just take a lot out.  But it's good stuff and will help make me stronger ( to fight those headwinds across somewhere South Dakota ! )

WooHoo !

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  1. My hero, here he goes again!