Sunday, May 13, 2012

All Ready for the Assault on Mt Mitchell

Well, let's hope the title for this post is true.   

Monday, May 21, I'll be riding the Assault on Mt Mitchell.   This ride starts in Spartanburg, SC and finishes up 100 miles later at 6684 feet on the top of Mt Mitchell in North Carolina.

Now, I just did the GABA Mt Lemmon climb on Friday.    Took my mountain bike and did about 7000 feet of climbing on a 60 mile ride, so this should be "doable", but it's a long way from home, and I know there are a lot of rollers on the 70 miles up to where the mountain really starts and all of that will take it's toll.

My bicycle was shipped by FedEx ground last week, so it should be delivered to a bike shop there and should be all setup and working when I get there on Friday before the race.   This is a bit of a "dry run" for shipping my bike for the Big Ride Across America.

Well, here's the picture of the top of Mt Mitchell.   Most of the finishing pictures that I have found are all of dudes riding across a time line with rain and drizzle coming down, and I think that's in the forecast for next week.  Till next week and we see how the old man did !

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