Saturday, June 16, 2012

Seattle Saturday & Technology Issues

We're here !   

Got to Seattle on Friday around 5pm.  Molly picked me up at the airport, and we swung by SpeedyReedy to get my bicycle.  I was out riding around Fremont on the streets by 6 pm.    Then I met Sarah and we got her bicycle assembled, and then met Rick and the three of us went out for some dinner.  Back to Seattle Pacific and the dorm, made up my bunk bed and out like a light !

This morning was a bit drizzly.  We got up and rode over to SpeedyReedy across the Fremont bridge for some tuneups on Rick and Sarah's bikes, and to pickup Reese's bike.

Reese and Sarah getting bikes & gear

Then I needed to address some technology issues.   I managed to forget my charger for my Macbook and the cable to charge my Garmin, so Rick and I set off for the Apple store near the University of Washington.  We managed to take a route up a couple of good hills, found the store, came back to another bike store where Sarah and Reese were finishing with some stuff on Reese's bike, and then came back towards SPU.    We caught part of the "naked bike" parade.  It's part of the Fremont Fair, lots of people get dressed up ( or actually undressed/painted ) and ride their bicycles up a parade route.  We watched for a bit, took some pictures that won't be posted, and headed back to SPU.   I eagerly tore open the Apple power adapter and realized that a Magsafe 2 power adapter will NOT work on an older MacBook Pro.  Curses !   Foiled by technology !

So Rick and I headed back to the Apple store via the Burke-Gilman bike path.  This place is wall-to-wall cyclists, joggers, making our Rillito path at home look unpopulated !   I exchanged and bought the right part this time, we got a hot dog and a coke and headed back to SPU.   Tonight is a get together at Molly's where we'll meet most of the rest of the Team.

Dino float in the parade
I can't vouch for the rest of Seattle, but this is a real active place.   People are walking, running, jogging, cycling, rowing crew boats, just doing stuff all over the place.  Of course, it is not 104 degrees.  It's really nice, pretty, a bit humid, but today was overcast and just a pleasant day.  

Tomorrow has a possible trip to REI for a pad that I should have bought and might or might not need, and a meeting of everyone here at SPU followed by a dinner.  Monday is the big day, the real start.

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