Saturday, July 7, 2012

Mt Rushmore

Today ( 7 July ) was a rest day.  We are in Rapid City, so we all wanted to get over to Mt Rushmore to see the Presidents.  First stop was breakfast at Tully's.  It was good, but the highlight was Rick stacking cream containers...

He's got 10, can he do 11 ??
ALA had a van available for us, and Steve drove us out to Rushmore.   Was a steep road, so our legs were glad for the rest.

Oh Boy !  There They Are !
Taking a picture out of the window of the van...yeah, it's pretty impressive.....

Here's several pictures of the gang.  Some of our Team went later on in the afternoon when we returned the van.

Yay, We're Here !!!


Doron, Rob & Molly

Rick, Molly & Steve


Heather, Sarah, Rick, Sharon, Molly & Steve

Steve, Doron, Rob, Rick & Sharon

Sarah, Steve, Doron, Rob, Rick, Molly, Sharon & Heather

Steve, Doron, Me, Rob, Molly, Heather, Sarah & Sharon

Well, it was impressive.  A little hard to grasp the size of the faces, even though there were lots of interpretative things around to help you with it.  Watching some of the film that was being shown about the workers building  & sculpting the faces was neat and gave you a little idea of it all.   We needed to get our van back and needed to make some bike shop stops and eat and etc, so we only got to spend about an hour at Mt Rushmore, but everyone enjoyed it.

Tomorrow it's an early roll for a 102 mile ride to Kadoka, South Dakota.   Bedtime !

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  1. Hi Mike,

    I've been reading up on yours and your fellow riders blogs. You guys are all doing great, handling the heat headwinds and bugs! Lots of fun reading all your different perspectives and remembering my own trip. RIDE STRONG, RIDE SAFE

    Bob Dumke
    Big Rider '07