Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Tour Divide 2014 Day 3 Beaverhead

Sunday morning, I get up, had my last Coke and some fruit and start for the Beaverhead Work Center.  The going was pretty good for a while, a bit washboarded and then I got to Black Canyon.  At Black Canyon I found a running stream and I went down and filtered some water as I was getting low.  First time filtering with the SAWYER filter and it seemed to go well.  Black Canyon had a pretty impressive descent into it, and then a climb out of it.  It was starting to get hot and having that full bottle of water made all of the difference.
Black Canyon water supply

As the afternoon wore on, I finally passed Wall Lake, which is private with lots of No Trespassing signs all over the place.  I got hotter and the camelback ran out, and I was into that bottle of water that I filtered at Black Canyon.  I used my last 5 Hour Energy and then slowly, but slowly got to Beaverhead.  They had this big beautiful water faucet and I filled everything and then took a nap on a wooden bench under the trees.   After a bit some of the horses came over and I petted the mule.  Some of the fire fighters came out and were spraying bees and I started a conversation with them and asked them if they had a Coke machine someplace ( since the one by the door has a big Out of Order sign on it ).  They gave me two Cokes, an apple and an orange and I was sooooo grateful for that and was on my way.
Beaverhead nap bench
Beaverhead Work Center

Much more energized, I rolled for several miles into O-Bar-O canyon and found this little piece of road with flowers growing in the middle of the road.  The canyon was like a wind tunnel as it aimed mostly west and the wind was coming from that direction.  At one place I see a sign for a place called Collins Park that seemed to be just a general area on the map.  Kept riding on into the early evening and darkness, had some mule deer cross the road in front of me, and then finally came to a wooded area and found a place to camp out with a beautiful sunset.

O-Bar-O Canyon
Riding into Darkness

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