Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Tour Divide 2014 Day 4 Pie Town

The ride towards the mystery Collins Park continued in the early morning.  The road had a great surface and the ride went really quickly.  I got out of woods and a few small Continental Divide crossings and then found Collins Park, nothing but a crossroads and a cattle corral.

Collins Park
 After Collins Park, still in pretty smooth dirt and making good time, I go through a canyon and then open out onto the plain of San Augustine.  It was a area of ranch land, windmills and cattle in the distance and some washboarding on the road.  After some time, I finally get to Highway 12 and Horse Springs Baptist Church.  As Matthew Lee says in the movie "this place is a blessing to a lot of riders" and it was for me with cold water and a shaded porch to eat my orange on and rest for a bit.
Wide open spaces south of Hwy 12

Horse Springs Church
 The afternoon brought a climb into mountains and then a descent towards Pie Town.  Once again, I was swayed by the appearance of a descent on the profile chart of the Adventure Cycling map.  But when you actually start riding, you find there are still a few hills and rollers to be navigated, and they can take a toll on you.  A little bit after 3 pm, I was happy to find Pie Town and as a bonus to find that the Good Pie Cafe was OPEN having just recently changed their hours.  A green chile cheesburger, fries, two Cokes, three glasses of ice tea and a large chocolate mileshake had me feeling a bit better.  The folks at the Good Pie Cafe were really helpful and told me where the Toaster House and the RV Park were.

The RV Park had the shower and it was awesome to get four days of dirt off me and into clean clothes.  And then I got to go up to Nita's Toaster House and spend the night there, eating one of the pizzas, and drinking a PBR.  I had the place to myself and it was just a wonderful, unexpected and great place to get to after roughly 150 miles since Silver City,
You have no idea how good this was

Penthouse at the Toaster House

Toasterhouse Kitchen


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