Wednesday, July 20, 2016

TD 2016 Never Give Up - Idaho

On to Idaho. There is a sign out there someplace for the Idaho - Wyoming state line but I have yet to see it and my GPS wasn't very clear on the subject, but with a slightly muddy road I think I made pretty good progress from Flagg Ranch to Squirrel Creek. 

Snake River valley in the distance
I stopped and got some lunch, Bundy was already there, and the two of us left together and set out for the rail trail.
Warm River from the Rail Trail
Again, as last year, the first part of the rail trail is really really pretty. It climbs along the Warm River which has lots of waterfalls and you can hear the rapids and the soil underneath is pretty good. Then it starts to level out and things begin to go awry quickly.  The good thing from last year is that the ATV guys weren't all out there.  Last year, it was 4th of July and every crazy fool in the Island Park area was out there on his lawnmower drinking beer and just having a grand old redneck time of it. This year, they were still at work, but the underlying soil was still nearly impossible to ride on. It took forever and then some. There were a couple of dirt roads to the side and I thought of taking them, but stuck to the GPS track and finally got through it. Made it to Macks Inn and we got a camping spot in the campground/RV park and a good dinner at Connie's restaurant.

Rail Trail
Dirt starting to wash off in the rain
Mother and baby moose

Found some great breakfast burritos at the Chevron station next door in the morning, so breakfast was pretty good and set off for Lima and Montana. On the way there, watched a bunch of cows breaking out of their pasture, seems there was a piece of fence down and every cow in the adjoining several acres was making a bee line towards that little section of the field. The grass looked just as good on the other side as where they were, but they sure were putting a lot of energy into getting out of that field. Also saw two pickups going by towing bear traps behind them, they pulled into a ranch just short of Red Rock Pass. 

Before Red Rock Pass

So climbed up Red Rock and we were in Montana !
On To Montana

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