Sunday, April 30, 2017


Always trying to figure out what the next thing will be. Do I want to do it ? Can I do it ? How long will it take ? The questions go on and on in your head.

So, I'd been thinking about this one, a new event called the America Trail Race that would start on June 1. It uses the Trans America Trail, a motorcycle trail, for the most part, from North Carolina to Oregon. The first one will be held this summer and it looks attractive ...

American Trail Race ( Trans Am Trail )

And then there's Tour Divide. Not sure, but I don't think anyone has done it 3 times Northbound .. little bit of cachet there perhaps. A course I know and won't even bother to take the maps if I do it again. Get back on the bike at Antelope Wells, head north and try to knock another couple of days off last year's time.

And then there's this thing ... Baja Divide. From Tecate to Cabo San Lucas on mountain bikes following the route Lael Wilcox laid out, and a big group followed last January.

Baja Divide

So my current plan is to get my 3'peat of Tour Divide done in June, spend a LOT of time trying to learn enough Spanish with my copy of Rosetta Stone until January and then hook up with whoever is going South around the first of the year.  Get to Cabo in whatever time it takes, not a race attempt but a hard touring pace I suppose.

Tour Divide

And then perhaps, next year, we'll see about that 5000 mile thing across the US on backroads.

Finished Whiskey 50 yesterday ... man, that was hard. I really need to up my game on technical rocky descents. Did well on forest road/fire road climbs, and thought I rode most of the single track well until I got to the techy sections, where I pretty much totally wigged out and walked way too much. I have to be better at that for Baja.

Fun, fun fun


  1. Good luck Mike. That ATR looks brutal. It will be interesting to watch the first run. Will anyone actually finish?!

    1. Thanks ! That will be a good one to watch. Want to see Hal Russell get it done !